Diakoneo – About us: Our values, our vision

Diakoneo is one of the largest health and social welfare enterprises in Germany.
As an internationally networked non-profit enterprise based in Neuendettelsau, Germany, Diakoneo accompanies people seeking reliable support in their life situations. At over 200 centres in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Poland, we offer comprehensive services in the areas of education, health, care, housing, assistance, work and spirituality.


The Diakoneo Vision

We work with conviction towards a peaceful and inclusive future in which humanity and respect shape our society and make our world a place where people enjoy living.

The Diakoneo Mission

The Diakoneo Mission makes it apparent what Diakoneo stands for in detail. Our mission is divided into four areas:

  1. "We work for people"
  2. "We live by our Christian values"
  3. "We uphold a modern work culture"
  4. "We radiate outwards"

We work for people

Our greatest task is service to our fellow human beings. The core of what we do is to provide you with effective support in important life phases and situations. Our team spirit gives us the strength we need to perform our work.

We live by our Christian values

Love for our fellow human beings and belief in the inviolable dignity of each individual is our driving force. We are committed to our customers, patients and residents. With our efforts, we contribute to a peaceful and inclusive world and pass these principles on to others.

We uphold a modern work culture

Respect and open communication form the keystone of our work. We operate independently, sustainably, dynamically and always focussed on the needs of the people we work for. We express criticism constructively and solutions are always placed in the foreground.

We radiate outwards

We provide an indispensable service for society and an impetus for its further development. We embody our values and the principles of a modern social enterprise. Our driving force is the passionate energy of our employees.

Diakoneo in figures

  • Approx. 10,000 employees
  • More than 200 centres in
    • Bavaria,
    • Baden-Württemberg and
    • Poland
  • Internationally networked
  • Revenue: Approx. 650 million euros

What does Diakoneo offer?

Diakoneo helps children, adolescents and young adults to develop their personalities. We convey values that help these young people see themselves as part of a diverse society.
With our comprehensive educational service, we open the door to numerous educational and professional perspectives in the social sector.

As one of the largest diaconal educational institutions in Germany, Diakoneo offers care in numerous crèches, kindergartens and after-school care centres as well as pre-school facilities (PSFs). Diakoneo also runs a large number of general education and vocational schools.

The Diakoneo business segment for education is made up of some 60 institutions employing around 1,300 staff. Around 2,000 children are cared for in our day-care centres and over 4,000 pupils attend our schools.

Our education centres in Bavaria extend from Middle Franconia through to Upper Franconia and Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Württemberg.


We stand by people with disabilities and support them on their individual and self-determined path through life. Diakoneo facilitates integration into society and active participation in social life for people with disabilities with its decentralised and specific offerings.

Diakoneo makes this possible through its decentralised and specific offerings. These include residential facilities, workshops and leisure activities.

Diakoneo offers community living as well as open help and assisted living at 12 different locations. Workshops, support centres and day-care centres for senior citizens complete the range of offerings at seven locations.

The facilities are situated in Bavaria, in the regions of Central and Upper Franconia and Swabia, as well as the Schwäbisch Hall region of Baden-Württemberg.

Diakoneo offers a differentiated and comprehensive range of advice, support and care for senior citizens. The focus here is placed on their individual needs and unique personalities.

Our offerings range from inpatient care in care facilities or alternative forms of housing to the semi-inpatient area of day care and outpatient specialist and counselling services.

All in all, at Diakoneo, seniors can choose from 23 care facilities, five senior citizens’ homes, five residential homes and two residential communities with outpatient care. We also offer nine outpatient care services at 33 locations.

Our inpatient, semi-inpatient and outpatient services are located in the regions of Central Franconia, Nuremberg and Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Württemberg. With its three senior citizens' facilities in Poland, Diakoneo also works and is networked internationally.

In the Diakoneo hospital network, we aspire to treat our patients individually and holistically – from birth to the end of life.

The Diak Clinic in Schwäbisch Hall is a central care facility and the academic teaching hospital at the University of Heidelberg with a total of 23 clinics and institutes.
In addition, the services provided by our clinics range from general hospitals with basic and standard care in Neuendettelsau and Schwabach to a children's hospital rich in tradition and one of the largest maternity hospitals in Germany — the Hallerwiese-Cnopfsche Children's Hospital in Nuremberg — and the specialist hospital for pulmonary medicine — the Rangauklinik in Ansbach.

The hospital group has a total of 1,250 beds and benefits from the synergy effects in medicine, care and management.

The hospitals and clinics are located in Nuremberg, Schwabach, Neuendettelsau, Ansbach and Schwäbisch Hall.

In addition, three medical care centres (MCC) in Ansbach, Nuremberg and Neuendettelsau fall under the sponsorship of Diakoneo.

Diakoneo provides jobs to more than 10,000 people in education, health, care, housing, assistance, work and spirituality: secure jobs with attractive benefits: fitness and well-being, further and advanced training and much more!
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