About us

Diakoneo is one of the largest health and social enterprises in Germany.
As an internationally networked social welfare enterprise in southern Germany, Diakoneo helps people seeking reliable support in their lives.
With more than 11,000 employees at over 200 institutions, we offer comprehensive services in the areas of education, health, nursing, living, assistance, work and spirituality.

...because we love life.


Wilhelm-Löhe-Str. 2
91564 Neuendettelsau

Tel.: +49 9874 8-0 
Fax: +49 9874 8-2327
Service-Nr.: +49 180 2 823456 (6 cents/ call)
E-Mail: info@diakoneo.de

What does Diakoneo offer?

The services offered by Diakoneo are aimed at people of all ages.


  • … supports children, young people and young adults in their personal development.
  • … assists people with disabilities and supports them in living an individual and self-determined life.
  • … offers differentiated and comprehensive advisory, care and nursing services for the elderly.
  • treats patients individually and holistically in the Diakoneo clinic network – from birth to end of life.

Furthermore, Diakoneo provides jobs for more than 11,000 people in the areas of education, health, nursing, living, assistance, work and spirituality.

Diakoneo: our vision

We are committed to working towards a peaceful and inclusive future, where humanity and respect shape our society, and to making our world a place that people enjoy living in.

Core values of Diakoneo

Values have always been important to us at Diakoneo – nothing has changed in this regard since we were founded. In order to define our core values, though, we had to take a closer look and reflect on and discuss the following questions: What values should guide our future decisions and actions? What do we want to represent? 

Our Diakoneo values and their definitions have therefore been developed or shaped as part of a comprehensive engagement process based on ideas and contributions from our employees. In the process of doing this, we also defined our specific understanding of values and established a crucial connection between our corporate values and our social welfare-spiritual profile

This means that we can now precisely and confidently say what makes us special:



We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and take their personal needs seriously. This allows us to treat each other with respect.

Diverse & inclusive

We consider the uniqueness of every human being to be enriching. That’s why we involve every single person in what we do.


We break down boundaries and continue to develop Diakoneo with a creative and forward-looking approach. We create long-term security through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our understanding of values

Values are our beliefs, attitudes and ideals. They determine how we present ourselves and shape our actions.

Our social welfare-spiritual profile

Our core values are based on our social welfare-spiritual profile. It describes our understanding of spirituality and is part of our identity.

Diakoneo in numbers

  • More than 11,000 employees
  • More than 200 institutions in
    • Bavaria
    • Baden-Württemberg and
    • Poland
  • International network
  • Revenue: 750 million euros